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Dean Ministries
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If you are wondering what's going on; since 2011 I have hosted my "ZCC Exposed!" article on this same URL. However, I have had to change its name since I have made this new sub-page. Why did I make the subpage? In preparation for some new material which will warrant it...

Who Was Engenas Lekganyane?

Zion Christian Church - EXPOSED! (The original article, but the name had to change to make way for this main page)

ZCC Exposed Series By Sizwe Amos Mkhatywa (SAM):

Part 1 - Dedicatory
Part 2 - Formed Out Of Falsehood
Part 3 - Polygamy & Not So New After All
Part 4 - Benevolent Badge
Part 5 - Ridiculous Rituals
Part 6 - Not So Kosher
Part 7 - ZCC Arsenal
Part 8 - ZCC Brotherhood
Part 9 - ZCC the Yin-Yangers
Part 10 - Heavy Heaps
Part 11 - The Pilgrimage
Part 12 - The Road To Rome

The full version is also available for downloading on PDF here (7mb).

3 September 2015 - COMING SOON! And exclusive to this website. Sizwe Amos Mkhatywa's SEQUEL to his awesome "ZCC Exposed". I've just received it - it's 89 pages long. It will take me a few weeks to upload it into split-up pages due to various issues (from Telkom pain to personal commitments). But it's coming...
4 September 2015 - Sizwe's sequel "ZCC Exposed 2" available for download here! (4MB, PDF)

Therismos Kairos Mission – They have lots of detailed information (click here)

Youtube Videos
– Courtesy of Christ Movement SA Exposer on Youtube. I used to include the individual links, but the brother's now got loads of ZCC Videos.

23 October 2014: News article - ZCC Bishop's Nephew Parties Up A Storm - R186,000


24 June 2012 - Mercy
22 September 2012 - Mokgadi
17 December 2012 -
5 March 2013 - External

27 December 2015 - Bongani
Separate: Now in isiXHOSA - After The Tribulation (video) by Steve Anderson


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