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If you are wondering what's going on; since 2011 I have hosted my "ZCC Exposed!" article on this same URL. However, I have had to change its name since I have made this new sub-page. Why did I make the subpage? In preparation for some new material which will warrant it...

While Driving To Moria... (While driving to Moria, maybe you should read this!)

Who Was Engenas Lekganyane?

Zion Christian Church - EXPOSED! (The original article, but the name had to change to make way for this main page)

Demon Possession (This is a dark topic but it needs to be preached here in South Africa. It deals with what a demon (aka devil) is, how people get possessed, whether saved believers can be possessed with devils and curses, and of course what the Bible says about all this. Includes reference to ZCC, Shembe and OAC but goes way beyond that)

ZCC Exposed Series By Sizwe Amos Mkhatywa (SAM):

Part 1 - Dedicatory
Part 2 - Formed Out Of Falsehood
Part 3 - Polygamy & Not So New After All
Part 4 - Benevolent Badge
Part 5 - Ridiculous Rituals
Part 6 - Not So Kosher
Part 7 - ZCC Arsenal
Part 8 - ZCC Brotherhood
Part 9 - ZCC the Yin-Yangers
Part 10 - Heavy Heaps
Part 11 - The Pilgrimage
Part 12 - The Road To Rome

The full version is also available for downloading on PDF here (7mb).

4 September 2015 - Sizwe's sequel "ZCC Exposed 2" available for download here! (4MB, PDF)

Therismos Kairos Mission – They have lots of detailed information (click here)

Youtube Videos
– Courtesy of Christ Movement SA Exposer on Youtube. I used to include the individual links, but the brother's now got loads of ZCC Videos.

23 October 2014: News article - ZCC Bishop's Nephew Parties Up A Storm - R186,000


24 June 2012 - Mercy
22 September 2012 - Mokgadi
17 December 2012 -
5 March 2013 - External

27 December 2015 - Bongani
Separate: Now in isiXHOSA - After The Tribulation (video) by Steve Anderson
Separate: seTswana: "Baebele Ke Yone Tsela Ya Go Ya" (7 minute video)


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