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Good day! And thank you for visiting my site. I am not a church or organisation; I am just a man who wants to spread the Word of God around the World Wide Web. I have a fulltime office job, I endure the Johannesburg traffic and write whenever I possibly can. So I do try my best to update the site and publish pieces as often as I can, but it does get hard with 8 hours of work and 2.5 hours in the car ...

Please feel free to read the sermons, articles, exposés on here at will, or enjoy the external links given. Please also feel free to re-post, share, e-mail them out as well. God speed!



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20 August 2014 - Still around; the phone line is back on after a week of downtime; there was cable theft out of the telephone box up the road and 400 users were affected, including me. Also, yesterday was my birthday, thanks be to God for seeing it fit to grant me another year.

03 August 2014 -
New Article! The Police Are Evil! This is about the SAPS, or the police in South Africa; the most loathsome, vile and wicked organisation. It doesn't exist to protect and serve, but to intimidate, harass, extort, assault and even murder innocent civilians. It discusses the usual issue of Romans 13, and shows how we should really pray regarding our most hardened enemies, the enemies of God.

28 July 2014 - New Sermon! The Comfort Of Hell - Starring Robert Mugabe! What happens when a desperately wicked and evil person dies, according to different religions and worldviews? And what will really happen?

15 July 2014 - New Sermon! Slavery And The Bible. One of the common arguments used by those who hate God is that the Bible promotes slavery. In this article, I'll show the arguments they give, relate back to the Bible, as well as have a look at modern life - which resembles slavery more than you may think!

2 July 2014 - New article! False Christianity in South Africa. Some 80% of our country's population claims to be Christian. But is this true? Are they saved? Are their churches they go to Bible-preaching Christian churches? In the article I show how low the standard is in South Africa for one to be called a Christian; as well as highlight the common problems in churches which claim to be Christian.

29 June 2014 - Amen! We found a Biblical IFB church in Primrose (Germiston), Gauteng! So, if you are - like me - looking for a real church; KJV wielding, solid preaching, then get on down to New Hope Baptist Church, 13 Primula Road, Primrose. Sundays 9am for teaching, 10am for the service and 4pm for the evening service. (Pastor John Moore's e-mail for details)

9 June 2014 - Evidence of FREEMASONRY in South Africa's Parliament! Link - to those who don't know, Freemasonry goes hand in hand with the Illuminati and Satanism (if you're a Freemason, get out NOW and get right with God - it starts in the lower levels with whatever religion you are, then becomes Theism, then Atheism, then Satanism once you get to the 31st level)

5 June 2014 - THE WEBSITE HAS SURPASSED HALF A MILLION HITS! First and foremost, thank God who is above all, our Creator, our Lord, the Alpha and Omega. Then, thank all of you who have visited my site - from those who enjoyed what's on here, to those who hated it; thanks to those who wrote in to encourage me, and to those who wrote in with hatemail, threats, curses and all. I do pray at least one person got saved out there having read the stuff I write.

5 June 2014 - False church alert in Primrose, Germiston! Yesterday I got a flyer put on my car to announce the opening of a new church in Primrose. Yay! Well, not quite. I checked its website out - - it is not even worth exposing. Already I could see not one jot of Scripture, not even taken out of context, just plain nothing. No mission statement, no statement that Jesus Christ is Lord. But I did find the statement "love yourself so much that people's opinion about you doesn't matter" - yeah, REALLY Biblical "Bishop" Benny. Oh, and its lure is that if you are unhappy, they're the church for you. No, it is not about being happy, it is about getting SAVED from and eternity in HELL! Friends, one needs to learn, and read the Bible, if not to discern from what's vaguely Godly and what's yet another wolf in sheep's clothing.

7 May 2014 - Despite the sad news, we went to vote today. Even if the elections are already rigged to favour the NWO-appointed, Satanic, witchcraft-practising ANC, we still had our say. Nationally, we voted People's Alliance which is a party for KJV wielding, born-again, no-compromise nutjobs like myself . Provincially they will only start standing from 2015, so for now FF+ as they're the only other party in South Africa besides ACDP which stands for Christian values and against evil (and the ACDP are getting a bit too ecumenical for comfort).

Also, a new Old Apostolic testimony! Courtesy of Allison. Thank you for sharing it and may God keep you.

7 May 2014 - At 08:04am we got the news that Peter King, my wife's stepdad, has died. A month ago he seemed like the epitome of fitness, yet they discovered cancer during an operation. He wanted to go for chemotherapy but kept getting ill when it was time to do it; his cancer spread, his organs failed and as of this morning he's home with the Lord. If ever a man lived his life for God, it was Peter. That's why, though it is sad to see him go like this, at least we know where he is - he was saved. No doubt there. That's why it's important for you and me to know too where we're going. We're only here for a few decades and then it's off to eternity, so if there is one thing you do in your entire life, get saved! See my article on salvation and get saved NOW before it's too late.

Peter also published a sermon on my site;
Peter King - Love. We already miss him, but we know that it's only a matter of years or decades before we see him again in Glory. RIP Peter.

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