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Good day! And thank you for visiting my site. I am not a church or organisation; I am just a man who wants to spread the Word of God around the World Wide Web.

Please feel free to read the sermons, articles, exposés on here at will, or enjoy the external links given. Please also feel free to re-post, share, e-mail them out as well. God speed!


24 August 2016 - August is a busy month... today is my second son John's second birthday! And tomorrow is our 15th wedding anniversary, boy how time flies. I love my family, my wife and our two sons. Praise the Lord.

19 August 2016 - It's my birthday today. I've made it to the ripe old age of 36! (Although, since I will be busy on the day, I'm writing this on the 18th - so there's still chance of a heart attack or assassination before the morning, LOL) Yup - born in Halifax General Hospital (now Calderdale Royal Hospital) in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. (it's just a formality to add the UK part, LOL) Born at 10:35am on Tuesday, 19 August 1980. Who would have thought that, being born in an historically impoverished and deprived area of the world, I'd go on to live in more places than some people have undies? With an Atheist upbringing in two very godless countries, who'd have thought I'd become a Bible-bashing nutjob, preaching and teaching, rebuking and exposing false preachers? As a reject of society (growing up as a foreigner in a country where they hated foreigners), who'd have thought I'd end up with a wife and two lovely sons? And while I genuinely believed I'd be dead before I turned 30 (from a bad way of living), here I am heading for 36 and counting. Praise Jesus!

It just goes to show - God uses those who are the least likely, the least deserving, the least capable, to show His glory, to do His work and to preach His Word. And there is no special trick to this, no diploma or certificate you can achieve - just get up one day and go do something for Jesus. Go preach the Gospel to every creature; if you're not a good speaker, so what - neither am I. Just do it. If you're not the best writer, so what - neither am I. Just do it. Are you not in the right frame of mind, or a bit lazy, or a bit miserable? A lot of the time I'm like that too. Fight it, get out there and just do it. The thought of moving to a quiet desert island to escape the world's filth and to live as an hermit away from society is awesome, but there's a war on for the souls of the people, and "Christians" are doing nothing.


16 August 2016 - New exposé! Scum Media. This is about the media across the world, but also with quite some focus on South Africa. Who owns it, what is their bias, what is their agenda and what are all the dirty tricks they use to influence us? Read on!

15 August 2016 -
Today is my baby sister's 20th birthday! She's in Holland, I'm not. Hoping she has a great day.

11 August 2016 - Yesterday the website surpassed 1,5 MILLION hits in just over 5 years! I should probably go celebrate, but being out of work right now I should probably just say "yay" and save the money until I do get a job... but hey, 705,000+ visitors and 1,5 million+ hits and I am just one guy who writes when he can. If you are saved and you can write, I encourage you to start up your own blog too and get the Gospel out there - especially considering South Africa's churches are a sick joke and you'll learn next to nothing in them.

9 August 2016 - So, today in South Africa is "Woman's Day". While people blindly think this is a day to respect and remember women, the day has NOTHING to do with respecting women. It commemorates a communist event where women protested.

But does South Africa really care about women? On a social level, fashion tells women to dress like whores in tight, revealing clothes - causing men to drool over them like meat (and women who dress immodestly are guilty of causing men to lust after them = commit adultery in their hearts). Society, the media, the government and the "rulers of the darkness of this world" make it impossible for men to earn enough to support a family, so women are forced into the workforce - while feminism (communism, lesbianism) create a false "girl pride" and convince women they are repressed for being housewives and mothers, causing them to go to work. It also causes them to disrespect their husbands. As a result, women are truly repressed - they live to serve not their husbands, but their bosses at work. They cannot be optimal as mothers because they're at work. They cannot school their children, so they are forced to dump them into communist/faggot recruitment centres (aka public schools). And in South Africa, things really have changed. When I first came to SA on holiday in 2000, men were men and women were women. Today, it's hard to tell the difference.

And do South Africans respect women? No. Adultery is commonplace. Divorce rates are sky-high. Physical abuse is common. South Africa is also the rape capital of the world, it's said a woman is raped every 30 seconds in this filthy nation. Only an estimated 8% of rape victims report it to the pigs, and only 1% of those cases result in conviction.

It's not always possible, and some of us fail - but we should at least try; the best way to honour women is to marry them (not do fornication first!), stay loyal to them, provide for them so that they can stay at home and be the housewife. Entrusting the wife to look after the children is also the greatest show of trust and respect to her. That is God's plan for the family, and it works!

6 August 2016 - And South Africa is excited... because the DA (or should that be D-Gay, they're a bunch of fag-loving dogs) won a lot of votes, ousting the ANC in a couple of cities. "There's hope"... well, here is my take on it.

1 - It's all rigged, voting is a waste of time. The evil powers that be decide the outcomes and on the governments, not the people. See Ephesians 6:12. The country, yea the world, shall get progressively worse, progressively more wicked - the Bible tells us so!!!
2 - Show me from the Bible where we are to vote on a ruler anyway.
3 - Show me from the Bible where we are supposed to choose the lesser of two evils. Choosing between ANC and DA is like choosing between Satan and the Devil.
4 - ANC, DA, EFF or whoever - they all support abortion genocide, sodomy, gambling, pornography, state ownership of your children. If you vote; even if it's rigged anyway, you just formally showed your support for those abominations.
5 - The "wonderful hope" SA has... is that the ANC went from 62% to 55%. Still a huge majority.
6 - I hear people are filled with hope because the D-Gay won loads more votes in the municipal elections. Big deal - the wards may become D-Gay but the municipalities are mostly ANC, and they will make sure the wards are underfunded and any progress is blocked - I recall an ANC radio interview a few weeks ago admitting to this. Besides, the D-Gay are underhanded and I have seen first-hand what these beasts will do to get your personal data and harass you forever. Do not trust the DA, they are wicked - dare I say worse than the ANC if that's possible.
7 - The Illuminati has granted people this "hope" - in 2019 the ANC will still win the general elections with a majority, just to cause people more heartache and anger. Mark my words. The end goal is to get people as angry, disillusioned, fed up as possible so that they will jump at the chance of accepting the New World Order.

So while the nation voted for evil, I vote for Jesus Christ. Jesus may not get involved in re-tarring the roads or restoring the power outages, but He does give us everlasting life in Heaven if you put your 100% trust in believing on Him. He keeps us fed, He keeps us clothed and housed, and He died for our sins. No lying snake politician can ever come close to that.

3 August 2016 -
NOT voting today in SA. Voting is futile!!! The "rulers of the darkness of this world" (Ephesians 6:12) already fixed the outcomes. But even if it did actually make a difference, why would you vote for baby murdering, child molester loving ANC or DA or EFF etc? Even the "Christian" parties are in on the charade. Even if I thought voting made an inkling of difference, I wouldn't want to stand before God and explain why I gave my support to sheer evil, since ALL parties violate God's Word and promote filth.

So while the sheep place such value on the "right" to put an X on a bit of paper and the outcome is rigged, thinking they actually have a say... I'm staying at home.

2 August 2016 - Yesterday evening I was informed that a former work colleague of mine was killed in a car crash. She was still very young. My condolences go to her family. Still, this should be a reminder to us all - you don't know when it's your time. She did not get in the car, thinking it would be her end. Remember that - and ask yourself this; if you too got in the car today and it turned out to be the death of you, where will you go afterwards? Are you saved? If not, check out my "Good News" section for the Gospel in (hopefully) your own language.

1 August 2016 -
New Sermon! We Have Already Won! (Sermon about persecution, and about staying strong and bold - stand up for Jesus no matter what! Also contains excerpts from Fox's Book of Martyrs)


Also, please pray for Pastor Steve Anderson in Arizona. He is due to come to South Africa, albeit only for a very brief 2-day stay. Sodomites have found out and are deliberately seeking to get offended - and are now causing trouble by making all kinds of accusations; to intentionally hinder his visit. So far Premier Hotel OR Tambo has cancelled the conference room booking, Growthpoint Properties don't want him/us at any of their malls, while Wimpy and Spur will deny him access. I shall boycott them and encourage you to do the same. I have told Wimpy they have lost me as a customer, and I had my Spur loyalty cards cancelled (They even failed to do that properly, since they still SMS me junk and loaded a food voucher for my birthday - hey Spur, I cancelled my card!). (For a rabbit trail, all these companies have strong Zionist/Jewish involvements and I've been tipped off that at least one of them doesn't care about the Sodomites, but simply hate Pastor Anderson because of his Marching To Zion documentary)

Dear visitor, these Sodomites are "people" who openly view their hatred of Christians, who deliberately look for any chance to cause trouble for Christians, and who routinely send death threats and rape threats. They are the vilest scum of the earth and the Bible calls for their execution - alas the "governments" fail to do their job and it's not for us to do, hence these perverts exist. One way or another, he is coming to Africa and we are getting people saved. Even so, it reminds me just how wicked South Africa is as a nation. It is a nation filled with hatred and with evil. You step out the door and you can sense the evil. It would be lovely for SA to get right with God, but it's not going to happen. So give the Gospel, save as many as you can and remember, saved people have already won; for we have overcome the world to get saved. They cannot take that away from us, and rest assured God shall destroy them - if not the final wrath of God in their lifetimes, then via everlasting torment in Hellfire.


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