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Good day! And thank you for visiting my site. I am not a church or organisation; I am just a man who wants to spread the Word of God around the World Wide Web. I have a fulltime office job, I endure the Johannesburg traffic and write whenever I possibly can. So I do try my best to update the site and publish pieces as often as I can, but it does get hard with 8 hours of work and 2.5 hours in the car ...

Please feel free to read the sermons, articles, exposés on here at will, or enjoy the external links given. Please also feel free to re-post, share, e-mail them out as well. God speed!



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5 April 2014 - New Sermon! "Johannesburg Rat-Race". Here I write in detail about the total stress one suffers from living and working in South Africa's economic hub; and the huge level of sin one commits and witnesses from the traffic, the office and the city in general.

28 March 2014 - New exposé! It asks the question, Is Allah Satan? And then of course it answers it in great detail.

13 March 2014 - First of all, happy birthday to my mother. Anyway, I've "remastered" the Old Apostolic Exposed article - the article's the same but it's a lot neater in terms of format and extra lnks. Looks better now.

4 March 2014
- Just when I needed it - a second anti-me OAC site. Aww, thanks God! May there be many more. Remember folks, salt irritates. We are the salt of the earth. I put a few comments on the man's blog, but after a few it started requiring his admin approval. Hope he's at least honest enough to publish them in full.

21 February 2014 - What a week it's been. On Monday we had some bad news; my wife's stepdad, Peter King (who even posted a guest sermon here) is seriously ill; he was so healthy, he even went in for a CAT scan and got the all-clear; but after an operation on Monday they picked up cancer and have given him 2-3 months to live. Please pray for him, that by the blood of Jesus he shall get better. He is truly a servant of God, who loves preaching. On Tuesday my wife tested positive for pregnancy and today, after a blood test, she's 7-8 weeks pregnant with our second child! Praise God, through whom all blessings flow! All the same, quite an emotional rollercoaster.

15 February 2014 - NEW ZCC EXPOSÉ! Who Was Engenas Lekganyane? by Barry Morton, who kindly asked me to publish this very well researched, and quite revealing, article.

15 February 2014 - New guest sermon from Stephen Rebelo - Street Preaching, And Those Who Hate It.

9 February 2014 - Quite some developments. Firstly, the man who is probably the world's leading expert on the Illuminati - Doc Marquis - has endorsed my last article by publishing a link on his website.

Secondly, there is a NEW ZCC ARTICLE in the pipeline; not of my own doing, but it will be quite a revealing article which will hit home to those stuck in South Africa's largest fake-Christian source of witchcraft. Time willing I'll get it on here soon.

Thirdly, please pray that God's will be done for us - I've been looking for jobs outside South Africa. Thing is, I'm sick of the rat race, sick of the evil corporate world, but that's all I can look forward to while in this country - all the work in my line is in Sandton (which doesn't sound like Satan for no reason); so I've been looking at work in Australia. Though I found someone who was at least willing to sponsor me, in each case so far they always find locals who can do the job (and don't need a visa, flights etc) - fair enough I guess. Or maybe a return to my native Yorkshire. Or maybe there's a reason I'm here in SA. Maybe we can get work in the East Rand where we live, which would eliminate traffic. Maybe SA will be rescued from its current downward spiral at thecoming elections (I'm not too hopeful of that though, the NWO wants the ANC in place to increase poverty and lead the masses to death). Who knows - but please keep us in your prayers as we endure the anger, aggression and outright evil here in Johannesburg. We're having a particularly rough time at work, with constant stress, bosses who see the staff descending into misery just to save their own skins, zero gratitude for their efforts - even getting to work is a struggle because with the e-tolls in place, the backroads are a worse nightmare than they already were. Nothing to look forward to here except the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and though that will be soon, it's not soon enough. Come, Lord Jesus, Come! 

2 February 2014 - New Article! Fake Illuminati Witches EXPOSED! In South Africa we suffer from immense witchcraft, so have many witch doctors. Some are using the name Illuminati to lure more victims to their witchcraft, and even pure Satanism.

1 February 2014 -
New Testimony - from former Old Apostolic Elder, Johan Nel.

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