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Good day! And thank you for visiting my site. I am not a church or organisation; I am just a man who wants to spread the Word of God around the World Wide Web.

Please feel free to read the sermons, articles, exposés on here at will, or enjoy the external links given. Please also feel free to re-post, share, e-mail them out as well. God speed!



24 July 2016 - Added a new subpage! "Good News". This is purely to give the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and in different languages too.

24 July 2016 - NEDERLANDS -
"Laat Ik U Iets Vragen". Stel dat u vandaag zou sterven. Waar gaat u heen? Dit artikeltje leert u hoe u vandaag nog gered kunt worden van de helse vuur, en gegarandeerd in de Hemel terecht zult komen!

22 July 2016 - New Sermon! "The Great Falling Away". You have probably heard about the falling away, or apostasy. What does it entail though? What constitutes apostasy?

15 July 2016 - New Sermon! "Hate The Beloved Country". Given the recent acts of discrimination by companies, and sheer hatred levelled by sodomites and God-haters towards Pastor Steven Anderson (and some media-brainwashed zombies), what really angered me was that these people spout hatred while claiming they are loving and tolerant; yet South Africa is a country where you can open the door and taste the hatred. Racism is commonplace, hatred is normal, selfishness is the norm. So I elaborate on this and expose some of the sheer wickedness I have experienced, after 14 years plus two long vacations. Hopefully someone will see themselves in this and get right with God!

13 July 2016 - I've created a Youtube channel to mirror some good sermons, and give the Gospel in different languages! Here. It's a work in progress though and hopefully I can add some more later.

Also, please pray for Pastor Steve Anderson in Arizona. He is due to come to South Africa, albeit only for a very brief 2-day stay. Sodomites have found out and are deliberately seeking to get offended - and are now causing trouble by making all kinds of accusations; to intentionally hinder his visit. So far Premier Hotel OR Tambo has cancelled (confirmed) while there are claims Wimpy and Spur will deny him access (confirmed). I shall boycott them and encourage you to do the same. I have told Wimpy they have lost me as a customer, and today I had my Spur loyalty cards cancelled.

Dear visitor, these are "people" who openly view their hatred of Christians, who deliberately look for any chance to cause trouble for Christians, and who routinely send death threats and rape threats. They are the vilest scum of the earth and the Bible calls for their execution - alas the "governments" fail to do their job and it's not for us to do, hence these perverts exist. One way or another, he is coming to Africa and we are getting people saved. Even so, it reminds me just how wicked South Africa is as a nation. It is a nation filled with hatred and with evil. You step out the door and you can sense the evil. It would be lovely for SA to get right with God, but it's not going to happen. So give the Gospel, save as many as you can and remember, saved people have already won; for we have overcome the world to get saved. They cannot take that away from us, and rest assured God shall destroy them - if not the final wrath of God in their lifetimes, then via everlasting torment in Hellfire.



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